charcoal bbq grill
bbq coal grill

Charcoal BBQ Grill

Krakatoa: Powerful Performance

Fesfoc presents you with the most exclusive charcoal barbecue grill that will absolutely blow your mind away with its maximum performance and spectacular modern design.

Together with its professional features, become an authentic chef and have unforgettable culinary experiences with the powerful stainless steel grill Krakatoa.

Cast iron or stainless steel cooking surfaces, the Krakatoa charcoal version is available for all tastes. Feel the quality and luxury outdoor cooking with the best of the best.

Charcoal Barbeque Grill

Cocoa: Cook like a PRO

Taking charcoal bbq grill technology to a whole new level, the Fesfoc Engineering team has taken a step further to the future to conceive the most impressive charcoal barbeque grill integrated in a marvelous outdoor kitchen station that will completely take your breath away.

Thanks to the advanced self-standing structure legs, the Cocoa charcoal bbq can be installed anywhere you wish. Totally movable, with the Cocoa you can always redesigned your spaces depending on your taste.

Add storage cupboards to the cocoa and have all your barbecue equipment and dining sets tidy and organized. Fully made of marine grade AISI 316, all Fesfoc cabinetry line are waterproof and rust free.

charcoal barbecue grill
charcoal grill bbq

Charcoal BBQ Grills

Tacora: Strongest in the BBQ game

Being the reference for charcoal bbq grills with wheels, the Tacora has taken the BBQ expectations to another level with its spectacular and convenient design.

Never has grilling in a portable BBQ been as comfortable and practical as the spectacular Tacora outdoor grill station. A transportable outdoor BBQ perfect for any occasion, providing the most delicious gourmet imaginable with the distinctive flavorful taste of grill.

Become a professional chef effortlessly in these marvelous charcoal bbq grills! Designed to provide you with the highest performance, it will leave you completely speechless with its exceptional quality.

Solid as a tank, the Tacora is a spectacular BBQ grill with wheels made of rigid stainless steel to provide maximum endurance and durability so regardless the number of dishes it’s cooked on its marvelous cast iron grills, it will look as new as the first day.

bbq charcoal grill
charcoal bbq grills

BBQ Charcoal Grill

Stromboli Force: 

Luxury Finishes

When design and practicality combine, the result turns into a spectacular masterpiece. Fesfoc presents you with exclusivity and luxury on its purest form in a stainless steel bbq charcoal grill. The Stromboli model will leave you speechless with its powerful performance providing you and your loved ones the most delicious dishes.

Designed like an inverted pyramid shape, the Stromboli barbecue is a truly piece of art that will add a very modern flow to any space.

Mirror polished legs beautifully finished, the Stromboli is available to install it against a wall or installed a self-standing bbq station depending on your preferences.

charcoal barbeque grill
charcoal bbq grill

Charcoal Grill BBQ

Akan Force: Unimaginable Power

The Akan Force charcoal grill bbq has a beautiful minimalist design, yet it has everything you need to cook the most delicious dishes while keeping the foods’ properties and giving the delicious flavor of grilled taste.

A breathtaking design alongside exceptional quality are the main elements of the Akan charcoal grill bbq, beautifully developed to achieve the most ideal proportions.

With a beautiful side stainless steel brushed polished counter, the Akan allows you to leave food or plates right beside the grill so that you everything handy to cook outside in the most comfortable way possible for its size.

Grill your favorite food and have amazing gastronomic experiences in this powerful charcoal grill bbq while enjoying the greatest pleasures of life.

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