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Stainless Steel Modular Outdoor Kitchen

The Beauty of all Designs

Feel the spirit of great design with the advanced Empire Diamond luxury stainless steel modular outdoor kitchen. Incredible handcrafted diamond-shaped edges that will leave you speechless. Splendid work of art in the form of a kitchen, envisioned to enhance both the interior, Empire Diamond In, and the exterior of your home: Empire Diamond Out.

Empire Diamond will amuse you with its exquisite countertops with 45º knife edges, handmade inch by inch by our professional craftsmen. Empire Diamond stands out for its equality, elegancy, and minimalism.

Modular Outdoor Kitchens

A Masterful Creation

The uniqueness 45° diamond edges allow our beautiful Empire modular outdoor kitchens to look suspended so you can experience handles integrated in top door opening while maintaining the stunning look of a massive block.

The modern look of the Empire Diamond open will enhance your home design, thanks to its solid sculptural workmanship and luxurious architecture. This incredible design will become an authentic element in which stands out the attention to details, the choice of materials and finishes of perfect precision.

Outdoor Modular Kitchen

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

Enjoy unforgettable outdoor enjoyment experiences with the Empire Diamond. Powerful design, unique luxury finishes, and high customization are the main elements that defines this design masterpiece. The Series Empire Diamond outdoor modular kitchens is made using the most advanced technology to offer you the greatest functionality and comfort design.

The Empire Diamond luxury outdoor kitchens came to bring luxury. Its main conception is its high quality design and its undoubted beautifulness, a true visual pleasure. 

Enjoy unforgettable outdoor enjoyment experiences with the Empire Diamond. Powerful design, unique luxury finishes, and high customization are the main elements that defines this design masterpiece. The Series Empire Diamond outdoor modular kitchens is made using the most advanced technology to offer you the greatest functionality and comfort design.

The Empire Diamond luxury outdoor kitchens came to bring luxury. Its main conception is its high quality design and its undoubted beautifulness, a true visual pleasure. 

Be delighted by the refined and simple aesthetics of its countertops with 45º knife edges achieved by combining cabinet doors and side panels soaked with a strong contemporary character. The Diamond series combines innovative design with high-end materials and handcrafted finishes.

The Diamond series is designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces and is complemented by cupboards with solid flat doors beautifully satin polished with open shelves, or fully extracted drawers with cushioned closing, equipped with top-of-the-line drawer guides and hinges to offer you the best quality and resistance available.

Best Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Artistry at Its Finest

Pick between a kitchen made entirely of 300 series stainless or upgrade to AISI 316 marine Grade stainless steel. Furthermore, the most exclusive stoneware, or the most exquisite natural stones are also available for you.

Get inspired with the Empire Diamond collection: design at its purest form. Functional, ergonomic, and perfectly shaped, Empire Diamond provides a fantastic spatial equilibrium.

Whichever model you choose, Empire Diamond is a real sculptural piece that will enhance the level of your home like never before. This modern outdoor kitchen has accomplished to include as many functionalities and equipment as possible in a single kitchen block of elegant compact style. Get yourself the best modular outdoor kitchen.

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Outdoor Kitchen Modular

The Art of Geometric Luxury

The Empire Diamond stainless steel modular outdoor kitchen features an avant-garde design. Its sculptural counter and back panel are crafted from a single piece of stainless steel and is merged with perfectly satin polished cupboards with diamond-edge shapes for an even more aesthetic look.

It’s perfectly 45° knife edges extend not only on the worktop, giving it an extraordinary floating effect, but also on all the doors and sides, which merges with the majestic back of the island, making it an object of aesthetic observation.

The Empire Diamond open-air kitchen is designed to create a vibrant and magnificent outdoor space thanks to its stunning ultra-modern design and sublime, top-notch handcrafted finishes.

Modular Outdoor Kitchen Island

Crafting Memories

The `ingredients´ used for this spectacular and incredibly resistant worktop are the same as for the cabinets and the base cabinet plinths: stainless steel to offer you a modern solution of the highest quality and a timeless finishes.

The complete luxury outdoor kitchen matches the precious finishes of the door fronts characterized by an elegant touch. Empire Diamond is a kitchen that is crafted as if it were a luxury Rolex or Hublot made entirely of luxury handcrafted stainless steel. 

2 Barbecues: You Choose

Empire Diamond is equipped with the most powerful and advanced professional gas barbecue on the market to get the best out of your modular outdoor kitchens.

Fesfoc professional gas barbecue is designed for the warm and sunny days on your terrace, garden or rooftop with the comfort and luxury you deserve, while you prepare your favorite Bbq recipes.

Celebrate gatherings with family and friends while savoring the most delicious grilled meats, fish, and seafood.

Line Lid

outdoor kitchen modular

Experience a one-of-a-kind culinary journey with the LINE Lid BBQ, boasting a sophisticated and simplistic flat top design.

Our grills are engineered with precise geometry to effectively shield the burners, preventing unwanted grease and cooking residues from dripping.

Moreover, the grease is conveniently accumulated in a front collector that can be effortlessly removed, setting a new standard in barbecue cleanliness, and outshining other models available in the market.

outdoor kitchen modular
stainless steel modular outdoor kitchen

Point Lid

stainless steel modular outdoor kitchen

In contrast, the POINT Lid barbecue presents an alternative method catered towards discerning chefs.

Featuring a robust and efficient curved cover, this barbecue incorporates a top-notch outside thermometer, enabling precise control over the cooking temperature.

Additionally, it includes a thoughtfully crafted tray for conveniently storing cooked food, ensuring utmost convenience and practicality.

50% Grill

Stainless Steel

15,2 KW

Maximum Power

50% Flat Griddle

Healthy Cooking

4 Burners

Unbeatable Performance

Stainless Steel Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Superior Quality

The cupboard front doors of the incredible Empire range modular outdoor kitchens express the minimalist soul, the determined character, the innovation, and the deep search for the highest quality materials available.

Contrasting shapes blending with each other in a single block, creating volume effects that make each Empire Diamond a totally unique outdoor kitchen design.

Made of stainless steel, all Empire ranges are available with flat doors with inner shelves and flat doors with interior drawers for the best convenience.

The Empire Diamond series represents a new era of luxury outdoor kitchens. The facade of its stainless steel furniture, perfectly satin-finished, stand out for their 45° edges.

outdoor modular kitchen

Empire Diamond Steel 3

Modular Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Culinary Art

The knife edge cut in the shape of an inverted pyramid draws the attention to the material, giving it a magnificent three-dimensional depth.

In turn, the suspended effect it creates on the side panels gives the countertop a lighter visual effect, resulting in a outdoor modular kitchen of minimalist essence good enough of enhancing any space, interior or exterior.

Its outstanding storage interior provides technical and aesthetic value of the highly resistant casing and reinforces the comparison with a work of art.

The principal materials of the Empire Diamond series elevate the kitchen to a whole new level of quality.

Welcome to the Next Level

modular outdoor kitchens

Design Outdoor Cabinetry

Fesfoc seeks the essence, with the basic principles of luxury outdoor kitchen designs, but with a level of design available to very few. 

The Empire Diamond outdoor kitchen can combine stainless steel and the most exclusive porcelain or natural stone. The extraordinary combination of these extremely resistant materials results in an inspiring architecture.

best modular outdoor kitchen

Luxury Handcraft

Full-extracted, soft-close drawers and flat stainless front doors combined to create a fully functional outdoor kitchen modular so you can store all your Bbq tools and kitchenware you need.

Enjoy a wonderful evening in the company of your family and friends, enjoying the warm light of the sunset, the gentle sea breeze, with the company of a glass of perfect tempered wine in Empire Diamond luxury outdoor kitchens.

best modular outdoor kitchen
outdoor kitchen modular

Exclusive 45º Knife Edges

The design of all the edges, features a knife 45º angles, provides an extraordinary effect of 360º floating and its large surfaces, demonstrates exceptional quality.

With the Empire Diamond begins a new era and promises an exceptional sensory experience through unprecedented combinations of materials and precision crafted finishes in a kitchen.

modular outdoor kitchen island

Empire Diamond Steel 4

Outdoor Modular Kitchen

Designed to Thrill

The main purpose of the Empire design is to exceed the highest standards of design and quality that a modern indoor or outdoor kitchen can offer. By paying great attention to the selection of materials, Empire Diamond modular outdoor kitchen island guarantees exceptional quality.

The level of customization and flexibility to different spaces is noticeable through the elegance of its finishes and maximum personalization to complete a kitchen design that fits perfectly with the Fesfoc philosophy.

Discover all the designs in our new catalogue:

stainless steel modular outdoor kitchen

Empire Diamond Steel 5

Best Modular Outdoor Kitchen

The Future of Innovation

The stainless steel modular outdoor kitchen Empire Diamond is an innovative dynamic concept very powerful and easily adaptable to indoor, outdoor, and multifunctional spaces. Empire Diamond exceeds even the most demanding quality and usability.

This exquisite luxury outdoor kitchen can be equipped with any induction cooktop in the case of Empire Diamond In and professional gas barbecue in the case of Empire Diamond Out, minimalist radios 0 sinks, modern faucets, luxurious storage cupboards, and high-end outdoor refrigerators. Empire Diamond is designed according to your needs and requests.

Design your Kitchen!

Empire Diamond Steel 6

Extended Bar Countertop

The outdoor kitchen modular Empire Diamond can also incorporate an exclusive dream extended bar where you can share and enjoy drinks and comfortably eat while barbecuing.

Becoming a super luxury kitchen island with bar concept, also with 45º stainless steel edges and exquisitely handcrafted satin-finished countertop.

Sintered Stone Finishes

The Empire Diamond combines stainless steel and the most exclusive outdoor kitchen rated stones. The extraordinary combination of these extremely resistant materials results in an inspiring shapes.

Empire Diamond Steel 7

Minimal Edition

Foldable sink

Telescopic Tap

AISI 316 Stainless Steel

Single Mixer Control

Hot and Cold Water

Making Timeless Memories

This amazing outdoor kitchen design is made fully in stainless steel as well as stone, and offers a variety of configurations, sizes and finishes for you to choose your best fit.

The Empire kitchen rises from the floor offering a unique floating effect that characterizes all Fesfoc product collections and results in an exceptional modern look.

The collection of minimalist radius 0 undermount sinks provide a comfortable space where you can wash your meat, vegetables, and plates and cooking utensils.

modular outdoor kitchens

Empire Diamond Steel 8

Outdoor Kitchen Modular

Simply the Best

The Empire stainless steel modular outdoor kitchen can be fully customizable to your needs. From a kitchen that sits against a wall, a modern kitchen island to a kitchen island with a stunning, fully customizable, and custom-equipped bar counter.

Despite the similar design with the sister product Empire, the ’Diamond series’ fabrication criteria are radically different, reflecting its use for indoor or outdoor spaces and especially highlighting its 45º knife angle welded and polished by hand around the entire kitchen contour.

For more information about the Empire Diamond series, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team:

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